EASA publishes revised guidance for EBT implementation

We’ve been pleased be assisting EASA with the development of ‘Oversight guidance for transition to EBT Mixed Implementation’. The first version of this document was published in 2016. The intention was to help the ‘Competent Authorities’ of the various EASA Member States to have a common approach to the approval of ‘Evidence Based Training (EBT)’. New rules for EBT are under development but this document describes a process that Airlines and the Competent Authorities can follow to implement ‘Mixed EBT’ within the current regulations.

Who’s it for?

The document is primarily aimed at the Competent Authorities but it is also useful for Training Managers considering implementation of EBT. It describes step-by-step project guidance for Airlines to move from ‘traditional’ recurrent pilot training programmes to mixed EBT. It also provides a number of tables that a Training Manager can use to demonstrate to the Authority how a new EBT programme will be aligned with ICAO guidance (document 9995) at the same time as complying with current European rules for licensing and air operations.


A new version of the document, published in December 2017, adds a chapter on the implementation of Crew Resource Management (CRM) training within the context of EBT.

Safety Promotion

This ‘oversight guidance document’ is not regulation or AMC/GM, but rather ‘safety material’. Publication of this document is part of a shift in policy by EASA. The management of EASA recognise that writing regulations is not always the most effective way to influence behaviour, sometimes it’s better to provide guidance and practical advice. There is no obligation on either the Competent Authorities or Operators to follow the guidance, but the expectation is that it will be useful for both.

What now?

EBT is a complex subject. There may be an opportunity to provide better training at lower cost but it won’t be appropriate for all operators. The first step towards EBT implementation is to decide if EBT is right for your organisation. If you prefer not to spend your evenings and weekends studying the regulations then McKechnie Aviation can help. We have prepared a one-day seminar that explores EBT, the advantages, the disadvantages, the implementation requirements and the business case. After attending our seminar you’ll be in a position to decide if EBT is right for you and what the next steps should be. We can deliver the seminar at your premises or at our facility close to Gatwick Airport in the UK. We’ve been providing advice to EASA on EBT so who better to advise you?

For more information on the EBT seminar see ‘events’ or contact us.

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