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UK is leaving EASA

The British government have announced that the UK will no longer be an ‘EASA Member State’ after 31 December 2020. This is a U-turn from the government’s position in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote and goes against the wishes of the UK aviation and aerospace… Read More

Will the B737 MAX fly again?

Boeing 737 MAX 8

It was never going to be an easy fix. As a result of the accidents in 2018 and 2019 the FAA discovered that the Boeing 737 MAX did not comply with the stability requirements for a large aeroplane. This wasn’t a minor detail or a software problem.

We don’t need two pilots anymore.

Recent developments mean that airliners no longer need to be operated by two pilots. If you are an engineering company planning to develop the technology for this then I’m the guy to help with the operational requirements.

EFB Approval. Seriously?

EASA have introduced detailed requirements for approval of Electronic Flight Bags (EFB). It would be an interesting exercise to make a risk assessment of using paper documents instead of an EFB!