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Update to the Aircrew Regulation

In December 2018 the European Commission published an amendment to the Aircrew Regulation. ‘Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1974 of 14 December 2018’ amends the Aircrew Regulation (‘Regulation (EU) 1178/2011’) and introduces the following changes: Upset Prevention and Recovery Training The work on introducing Upset Prevention and Recovery… Read More

What type of simulator do you need?

Modern fixed-base simulators provide the necessary ‘fidelity’ to accommodate a lot of training that is currently delivered on full flight simulators at a fraction of the cost. Taking advantage of this could save a significant proportion of an operator’s annual training budget.

Myths about Evidence Based Training

There’s a lot of excitement in the industry about Evidence Based Training (EBT) for pilots, but there’s also a lot of misunderstanding. Here are some ‘EBT Myths’ that I’ve heard.

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EASA publishes revised guidance for EBT implementation

We’ve been pleased be assisting EASA with the development of ‘Oversight guidance for transition to EBT Mixed Implementation’. The first version of this document was published in 2016. The intention was to help the ‘Competent Authorities’ of the various EASA Member States to have a common approach… Read More

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