About Us

McKechnie Aviation exists to help aircraft operators, pilot-training companies and national aviation authorities to develop their management systems including people, policies, processes and documentation. We help organisations to find efficient ways to comply with regulations and standards for flight operations, pilot training and regulatory oversight.

Andrew McKechnie (Director)

Andrew McKechnieExpert in Air Operations, Pilot Training and Management Systems for Aviation.

I spent 17 years as a pilot for British Airways until boredom and an early mid-life crisis precipitated a change of direction. Realising that a pilot licence doesn’t open the door to being a hedge fund manager or CEO of a FTSE-100 company I went to work for the UK Civil Aviation Authority as a Flight Operations and Training Inspector. At the CAA I was responsible for the certification and oversight of aircraft operators and instructor-pilots and found that safe and efficient flight operations depend on effective organisations.

A spell as Training Manager for a large training organisation led to the suspicion that senior management may not always know what they are talking about. When the senior management decided, in 2014, that there was no future for the pilot training industry my suspicions were confirmed. This prompted me to go to business school and take a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. When I was made redundant I joined the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) as ‘Standardisation Team Leader’ for Air Operations. My job at EASA was to conduct inspections of the European ‘Competent Authorities’ to try to achieve a uniform implementation of a common regulation (there’s still more work to be done). EASA does interesting and important work, but it does it within the framework of a stifling bureaucracy. At the end of 2014 I decided that I could be more fulfilled, and more useful, working as a consultant than as a Eurocrat.

Most of my work is now for aircraft operators and pilot training companies. I have worked for aviation authorities in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. I’ve even been asked back to Cologne to work on a number of rule-making projects for EASA. I keep myself current as a pilot and instructor/examiner on the B737.

I’m a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and have a Master’s degree (MBA) from the University of Sussex.

Partnerships and Consultants

In order to deliver our services and meet the needs of our clients McKechnie Aviation cooperates with other consultants with expertise in related fields, such as ground operations, transport of dangerous goods, cabin safety and airworthiness.


McKechnie Aviation is based close to Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom.