National Aviation Authorities

All countries are required by the ‘Chicago Convention’ to have a national aviation authority (NAA) that is responsible for ensuring that international standards are applied to people and organisations involved in international civil aviation.

Within Europe the aircrew and air operations regulations include specific regulations that dictate not only what NAAs must do but how they must be organised. These requirements are detailed in Annex VI to the aircrew regulation (Part-ARA) and Annex II to the air operations regulation (Part-ARO). The regulations include the requirement for a management system including documented procedures, sufficient qualified staff, adequate facilities and a compliance monitoring system. The requirements specify how the NAA must conduct certification and oversight activities.

McKechnie Aviation can assist NAAs to comply with the requirements of the air operations and aircrew regulation. Our consultants have experience of working with NAAs and EASA and training flight operations inspectors. We are also happy to work with NAAs outside Europe to implement regulations and procedures based on European standards. For further information see services for NAAs or get in touch.

For more information about the regulations see ‘Regulations for Air Operations and Air Crew training in Europe‘.

For information about choosing software to help run your management system see ‘Management System Software for NAAs‘.

If you need help implementing a management system, showing compliance with regulations or preparing for an external inspection then please get in touch.