Regulatory Development for Aviation Authorities

Regulations for Air Operations and Aircrew

Many states have aviation regulations that have not kept up with international standards. A regulation needs to be regularly updated to meet the needs of aircraft operators and to ensure compliance with increasingly complex ICAO standards. A recent EASA rule-making task involved more than 80 subject matter experts from industry and regulators around the world. Very few countries have access to this level of resources to develop new standards. Within Europe the pooled resources of 32 states mean that EASA is in a good position to lead the global community. For states outside Europe it makes sense to adopt a standard based on the European rules.

Critical Element

According to the ICAO Safety Oversight Manual provision of ‘Specific Operating Regulations’ is Critical Element 2 (CE-2) of a State Safety Oversight System.

Experienced Consultants

Our consultants have worked with EASA and with Aviation Authorities in Asia and the Middle East to develop and update regulations for Air Operations and Aircrew (pilot licensing) based on the corresponding European rules and ICAO standards. We can use European Regulations or the ICAO-compliant ‘Model Civil Aviation Regulation’ (MCAR) as a starting point. We’ll develop a regulation tailored to National Legislation and the needs and expectation of industry and operators. With our assistance regulations can be developed or updated in a matter of weeks without putting additional demands on Authority staff.

Other Aviation Domains

We have access to experts who can assist with drafting primary aviation legislation and regulations for other aviation domains.

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