Auditing for Air Operators

Aircraft Operators subject to Annex III of the Air Operations Regulation (Part-ORO) are required to implement a compliance monitoring (internal audit) programme. This includes commercial specialised operators (aerial work operators) and non-commercial operators of complex-motor powered aircraft (subject to Part-SPO or Part-NCC).

These operators also have to ‘ensure that when contracting or purchasing any part of it’s activity the contracted or purchased service conforms or product conforms to the applicable requirements‘ [ORO.GEN.205(a)]. Operators typically outsource a whole range of services including flight planning, aircraft handling, pilot training, and even operations control.

If you don’t have a team of full-time auditors then it makes sense to find someone to conduct internal audits and to audit sub-contractors and service providers for you. McKechnie Aviation can assist by conducting individual audits, longer-term oversight programmes and by developing audit pooling arrangements so that your providers can be audited once on behalf of several operators.

Our audits are not ‘box-ticking’, they’re intelligence gathering. Audits will add value to your business by allowing you to measure how your organisation and subcontractors are performing compared to regulations and your own standards and expectations.

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