Operations Manuals for Air Operators

Aircraft Operators subject to Annex III of the Air Operations Regulation (Part-ORO) are required to have a suite of operations manuals that describe how their operation is organised and how the aircraft will be operated. This includes commercial specialised operators (aerial work operators) and non-commercial operators of complex-motor powered aircraft (subject to Part-SPO or Part-NCC) as well as commercial air transport operators (AOC holders). Parts of this manual can make use of proprietary information, such as the aircraft manufacturers manuals or navigation data provider information (e.g. Jeppesen charts). Other parts of the manual will need to be developed for the specific organisation.

If you have better ways to spend your time than writing manuals then we can assist. We’ll talk to you to understand your needs and your operation. If anything needs to be changed then we’ll let you know and we’ll then produce a clear set of documents that will not only meet the regulatory requirements but will also be useful to pilots and other staff in the organisation.

For an initial conversation about how we can help please get in touch.