Services for Pilot Training Organisations

We can assist pilot training organisations to put in place management systems in accordance with the relevant European regulations (e.g. Commission Regulations (EU) 1178/2011). We can also assist with applications for ATO approval and provide expertise to develop EASA-compliant syllabi and courseware for all types of initial and advanced pilot training.

  • Implementation of a management system in compliance with the European aircrew regulation (see how to manage an ATO application);
  • Managing an application to EASA for ATO Approval (for pilot-training companies located outside the Member States (see the EASA ATO approval process);
  • Managing applications for ‘alternative means of compliance’ (AltMoCs) if the existing requirements don’t suit your operations (see regulations for air operations and aircrew training in Europe);
  • Conduct of safety and compliance audits for internal compliance monitoring or external collaboration.
  • Course design for traditional and competence-based training programmes (for example MPL);

We can also assist Declared Training Organisations to comply with the requirements and run an efficient business by preparing operations manuals and training programmes and conducting an annual review.

Our consultants have experience as managers in industry and as regulators. Contact us for more information.