Assistance with oversight tasks for Aviation Authorities

The majority of aviation authorities worldwide struggle to recruit, train and retain good Flight Operations Inspectors (FOIs). This is frequently raised as an issue during ICAO and EASA inspections of national aviation authorities. Even where authorities do employ FOIs there may not be an ideal match between their qualifications and the tasks to be performed, especially where there are a variety of different operators and aircraft types under the supervision of the Authority.

Ad-hoc support

If an Authority needs specific expertise for a certification or oversight task then we may have an auditor with the appropriate qualifications. Our auditor will perform the necessary inspections and audits and report back to the Aviation Authority.

Structured Support

If required McKechnie Aviation can provide appropriately qualified Inspectors to an agreed schedule to conduct oversight tasks. Following each inspection, a report will be provided to the authority with details of what was observed and recommendations for findings of non-compliance. The authority will remain responsible for issuing certifications, raising findings and for any associated regulatory action. This can be a cost-effective solution compared to recruiting and training full-time Flight Operations Inspectors.

What’s next?

To discuss how McKechnie Aviation can assist with oversight and certification tasks please get in touch.