Organisational Review for Aviation Authorities

When a Civil Aviation Authority is under-performing this can lead to problems for the aviation industry and the travelling public. In the worst cases this underperformance may be revealed by external audits and could result in an ICAO ‘Significant Safety Concern’ (aka a ‘red flag’), inclusion on the EU ‘Safety List’ or categorisation as ‘Category 2’ in the FAA International Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) Program.

Under-performance by an Aviation Authority is rarely the result of a single issue, and cannot usually be rectified only by dealing with the most obvious issues (e.g. inspector training or regulations). In order to make a sustainable improvement in the performance of an organisation it is necessary to start by diagnosing the underlying causes of the problem. These causes might relate fundamental issues such as the organisational structure, the funding mechanism, political interference or even a lack of clarity about why the Aviation Authority exists (‘mission’). Unlike commercial organisations Aviation Authorities do not go out of business if they are under-performing and serious problems can go undiagnosed for a long period.

Critical Element

According to the ICAO Safety Oversight Manual ‘State civil aviation system and safety oversight functions’ is critical element 3 (CE-3) of a State Safety Oversight System.

Experienced Consultants

Our consultants have worked with Aviation Authorities in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia to address organisational issues and improve safety performance. The catalyst for this is usually a poor performance in external audit but we can also work with Authorities to diagnose and address organisational issues before those issues result in major problems.

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