Policies and Procedures for Aviation Authorities

Competent Authority Inspectors require technical guidance and standard operating procedures to implement regulations and carry out certification and oversight tasks.

Critical Element

According to the ICAO Safety Oversight Manual, Critical Element 5 of a State Safety Oversight System is:

Provision of technical guidance (including processes and procedures) to ensure that personnel and organisations performing an aviation activity meet the established requirements before they are allowed to exercise the privileges of a licence, certificate, authorisation and/or approval to conduct the relevant aviation activity“.

European Regulations for Air Operations and Aircrew require that the ‘Competent Authorities’ have documented policies and procedures. These should include information about organisational objectives, management responsibilities, training of personnel as well as detailed work instructions for inspecting staff. The documentation should be clearly identified, kept up-to-date and made readily available to all personnel

Policies and Procedures

These documented processes and procedures might take the form of an Inspector’s Handbook and should be the equivalent of an ‘Operations Manual’ for the Authority. This is a critical element of the Authority management system describing the organisation, duties and responsibilities  of staff and the detail of how to conduct auditing and inspecting tasks.

There is no standard ‘Inspectors Handbook’ for an Aviation Authority, but McKechnie Aviation can work with your management and staff to develop a suite of documents including manuals, guidance and checklists to be used for certification and oversight tasks . This documentation can be published as traditional paper manuals, as electronic documents or can be integrated into a ‘management system’ IT solution that allows technical staff to access documentation away from the office, and to complete checklists and inspection reports via mobile devices.


We’ll develop documentation that will be compliant with international standards but, more importantly, the documents we develop will help Inspectors in their daily work.

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